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Union Cloud 2.0 Now Shipping: Clustered scale to over 200k users. World-class JavaScript support.

Use Union Platform to...

...create social interaction, realtime feeds, pub/sub channels, multiplayer games, and shared interfaces with JavaScript/HTML5 or Adobe Flash.

For advanced control, add server-side JavaScript or Java modules.

Point to your Union Cloud instance, and you're done!

Every Union Cloud account includes a dedicated, purpose-built virtual machine in the cloud with Union pre-loaded and already running.

Need a larger plan? Contact us...

* Concurrent connection ratings are estimates only
**Operating System is Linux CentOS 6.5 x64
Unit cost: +$10/mo per CPU+$10/mo per 128MB RAM+$5/mo per 5GB storage
+$10/mo for 10mbps upgrade+$0.10/GB Bandwidth

Here are some of the amazing things you can build with Union Cloud...

Social interaction

Chat, meeting applications, multiuser whiteboards, collaborative editing tools and shared interfaces

Realtime Multiplayer Games

Online action games, head-to-head racing, social worlds,online chess, massively multiplayer trivia, turn-based card and word games

Realtime Datafeeds

Live scores, realtime inventory availability, live surveys, realtime charts, graphs and analytics dashboards.

Publish/subscribe Channels

Topic-based news feeds, project notifications, celebrity chat, sports spectation, live real-estate listings and product sales updates.

And here are the amazing things you get with your Union Cloud subscription...

Hassle-free Union Deployment

Union Cloud takes the guess work out of configuration, saving you the time and hassle of installing and managing Union Server. The setup is guaranteed to be optimal–it's battle tested and designed personally by the creators of Union Platform.

Instant Access

Union Server comes pre-installed, configured, booted, and ready for action. Simply point your application to your server and watch it run!

Full Control

We know you need root access, so you get root access. Customize your server to your heart's content. Add custom modules, install updates and supporting software, bind to port 80, restart freely, write cron jobs... it's your machine!

World-renowned Reliability

Union Cloud is brought to you by Influxis, the number one Adobe Flash Media Server hosting partner for over 10 years! Influxis has a long history of unparalleled quality and service that thousands of large and small customers already depend on. Now you'll find that same dependability in Union Cloud.

Dedicated IP

Every Union Cloud virtual machine gets its own dedicated IPV4 IP address.

Expert Support

Have questions about your server? We'll get you answers. Working together with the Union Platform team, our Union-hosting experts will help you keep your server running smoothly.

Room to Grow

When your application takes off, so will your traffic. Sleep soundly knowing that Union Cloud has the capacity to handle truly massive deployments. Count on Union Cloud to scale up to meet your application's needs.

Optimized for Union Platform

Working closely with Union's founders, Influxis has gone to great lengths to ensure that Union Cloud meets the unique needs of Union developers. And we're committed to constant improvement. If you've got suggestions or custom requirements, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Loaded and ready to go with new Union Platform 2.0
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Discover Union Platform

Union Platform gives you building blocks for creating connected applications. Whether it's messaging in social interaction, game rooms in multiplayer games, data synchronization in realtime datafeeds, or subscription tools in broadcast channels, Union's rich, intuitive communications layer lets developers focus on application logic, not packets and protocols. To learn how Union can transform your applications, visit www.unionplatform.com.

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